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                                  George Galfo & Phil Cracolici 
              Original founding Members & Doo Wop Music Hall of  Fame 2015 Inductees
                                                         THE MYSTICS
Rocky Marsicano, George Galfo (Original Founding Member),  Ralph Rati, & Phil Cracolici (Original Founding Member)  


                               Happy 56th  Anniversary "HUSHABYE"! 
                                                 The MYSTICS Million Seller Hit!


                                               Other charted  Mystic hits followed--
                       Don't Take The Stars, Adam & Eve, Darling I Know Now and White Cliffs  of Dover!  

     We had 16 recordings while under contract with Laurie Records...Somewhere Over The Rainbow                                                 was featured in the HBO Soprano's Mayhem Series & Hushabye was featured in the movie Stand By Me.  

               We're still going strong & want thank our loyal friends and fans for their continued support...Enabling
     us to  continue to KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE!!!!

          On behalf of myself ,George Galfo & Phil Cracolici, we are proud and honored to have standing besides us
     today as valued Mystic members, who we consider our brothers: Rocky Marsicano & Ralph Rati to help us
     bring  our music to each of you through the 21st century..

                                                 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
                                                      November 24th, 2014
                                             Rocky & The Rollers Doo Wop Party
                                            Savannah Center, The Villages, FL 
     This is for you  Jay...Our Tribute to our dear friend Jay Traynor who passed away on Jan 2nd, 2014.  Jay was the lead on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when the MYSTICS recorded this on Laurie Records.  Our cut was heard on the Soprano's Mayhem Episode on HBO.  Jay, we'll miss you & you will NEVER be Forgotten! 

                                                Concert Highlights!!!
                     Rocky & The Rollers Doo Wop Party -- November 24th, 2014   

                      Todd Baptista's Doo Wop # 10 -  August 23rd, 2014 -   New Bedford, MA
             "All Through the Night"                                                 The MYSTICS, The Excitement!
                                   Rockin the house- July 26th, 2014  - Dearborn, MI                           


                                                LAR Enterprises  
                                          January 11th,  2014
                                              Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale
                       Concert Highights - Jan. 11th, 2014

      (Disclaimer: We can't control the background noise or quality of the sound on Live Performance footage...Thank you)                                                                                                                                         
                             2015 Schedule                                                                               

                                                     June  19th,  2015
                                            Penn's Peak  
                                325 Maury Rd., Jim Thorpe, PA      
                             The Mystics & Jay and The Americans                                                                     One Night ONLY!                                                   

                                   July  18th, 2015
East Providence Heritage Days
                                    35th Annual Heritage Day Fest                                                                                    Pierce Athletic Complex                                                                                            East Providence, RI  

                   The Mystics, Larry Chance & The Earls & Eddie Holman
                     Admission to the Festival is $10.00 pp -- Free Parking
                                    Children under 12 Free admission


October 11th, 2015  
The South Florida  Italian Culture & Heritage Festival
                                     Arts Park in Young Circle
                                          Hollywood, F


                                                   October 17th, 2015
                                         The Mystics and The Mystics Band  
                                                  Lauderdale West
                                                Open to the Public


                                         Nov. 8th, 2015
                              The M
ystics & Jay and The Americans
                                  King Center - Melbourne, FL

                              2016 SCHEDULE

                          Feb. 19th & 20th, 2016
                            Sunrise Theater, Fort Pierce, FL
                            Tickets On SALE!!! 772.461.4775

                                        March 5th, 2016

  March 20th, 2016
                            The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                        The MYSTICS were heard on  The Sopranos - Mayhem Episode
                                                    Chris and Carmela talk to Tony. Song plays on boombox.
Goes into end credits.
                             Song: OVER THE RAINBOW 

                                                                                Artist: THE MYSTICS
                                                                     On this original recording:
George Galfo  -   Bob Ferrante -  Allie Contrera -  Albee Cracolici
                                                                       Lead  vocals:
Jay Traynor

        On behalf of myself, George Galfo and the MYSTICS  we are saddened to learn of the passing of a dear friend and a former Lead singer of the MYSTICS on Jan. 2nd, 2014 -- Jay Traynor.  You will be deeply missed our friend and our Sincere Deepest Heartfelt Sympathies and Condolsences to the Traynor Family.  The MYSTICS gave you your start in the industry and from there you became the Original Jay of the Americans and then a valued member of Jay Siegal's Tokens.  You came a long way our friend and made us so Proud.  I (George Galfo) remember you giving me the Thumbs up at the Red Rose Inn & Suites when I sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which is the utmost compliment coming from the man who recorded it while with the MYSTICS.  Rest In Peace Our Friend...       

                                                           The  Mystics  Extended Family 
                                                                           Jay Traynor
          Lead vocals on "Somewhere  Over The Rainbow", "Again", "Blue Star" and Falsetto on "White Cliffs of Dover"

                                                                          Paul Simon
                                                  Lead Vocals on "All Through The Night" and "I BeginTo Think of You"

                                                                                         Ralph  Lizano:
                                              Lead Vocals and writer of "Darling I Know Now" and lead on "Sunday Kind of Love"

 Eddie Shots
                                                           Lead Vocals on "Goodbye Mister Blues


                                                         Hushabye 1959                   
              Don't Take The Stars                                Sunday Kind of Love   


Wiith ORIGINAL Founding MYSTIC  members

George Galfo - Phil Cracolici

joined by 

Rocky Marsicano - Ralph Rati

Are available for Private -- Corporate Events

Concerts -- Cruises -- County/State Fairs -- Casinos

For All Bookings and Information

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