July  23rd, 2016

The Mystics with Friends after the Concert

      Pictures Courtesy of Joni & Rita Burke Richey

LAR Enterprises Doo Wop Weekend 2017

              The Mystics with Friends

‚ÄčOpening Picture with The Mystics Bodyguards

                The Mystics with Friends 

April 7th, 2017--Kings Point, Delray Beach, FL

‚Äč                                                       August 7th, 2017

                                                     The Mystics Manor

                                     Pictures from The Mystics Dinner Party

                   Welcoming our brother from Italy--Stefano Zampaloni (Sh-Boom) 

     and more of our family from  Italy....Egidio Frongia, Cipriano Delicato and Ilenia Dal Nevo

                         The Mystics with Friends

                     February 2017 -  Fort Pierce, FL