The MYSTICS Legacy Continues!!!

         The MYSTICS have withstood the test of time & continue to bring to their  music to their fans ...To be part of the audience is an experience within itself ... a trip down memory lane for all ages! ... 

       Let us go back in time to 1959. The key words here are doo-wop and harmony – light, simple & ever so beautiful. It was the late 50’s & the words were heard on the airwaves and fans sung along “ Hushabye, hushabye – oh my darling don't you cry, Guardian angel from above – take care of the one I love”. 

     Today 2 Original members & Doo Wop Music Hall of Famers – George Galfo & Phil Cracolici look back with pride &  a new day has begun in keeping those harmonies coming. Joining Phil & George are Rocky Marsicano (formerly of Lenny Cocco & The Chimes, Jay Siegal & The Tokens, & Manhattan Skyline), john Schena (formerly of the Dons of Doo Wop)

      The sound of “The  MYSTICS ” still harbor the soft breezes of harmony perfection & the audience’s embrace &  applause continue to shine a glow and as “The  MYSTICS” continue in their quest of keeping the sounds of harmony doo-wop alive in our hearts! 

                                          To see the  MYSTICS on stage is Possible..... 

                                                                        To forget the  MYSTICS,  IMPOSSIBLE!!!
     This group is a perfect fit for a mutil act concert, casino's, corporation functions and cruises.  For gated community shows they and their band can entertain the audience with their 90 min .show.

         Audiences are falling in love with The MYSTICS all over again and you won’t have to look far to find out why. The excitement of their live show, the tight harmonies that Brian Wilson of Beach Boys heralded as a major influence on his own group’s sound, the songs you remember – the soundtrack of our lives. The MYSTICS breathe new life into rock and roll classics and audiences can’t get enough. The MYSTICS’ legacy stretches back decades to the dawn of rock & roll but their future has never been brighter. With two original founding members and two younger additions, this quartet knows just how to bring back memories as well as create new ones.


                                                                       What is The "MYSTICS  Magic"?

Laurie Records were the first to recognize that magical sound when they signed the group to their first recording contract in 1959.  The MYSTICS were not only recording stars in their own right, but they were asked to sing on Laurie's  recordings of almost all of their  solo artists.

Legendary songwriters Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman heard it when they wrote "HUSHABYE" especially for The MYSTICS

The American public heard it when they bought "HUSHABYE" in staggering numbers, driving it up the charts where it stayed for almost 6 months!

Dick Clark heard it when he asked The MYSTICS to appear on American Bandstand...not once but twice!

Alan Freed heard it when he asked the group to appear as one of the headliners on his final tour concert,  had them appear on his Fox Gala Christmas show and numerous appearances on his TV show.  Freed loved The MYSTICS'  sound so much he even started using "HUSHABYE" as the closing theme of his  TV show on a regular basis.  

Jay Traynor heard it when he was asked to join The MYSTICS  and do leads on 3 of their songs.

Paul Simon heard it when he teamed up with The MYSTICS for 2 recordings.

Connie Francis heard it when she asked The MYSTICS to sing with her on  her recording "Tommy".

Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys were inspired by it, naming The MYSTICS as a major influence on their harmony and recording "HUSHAYE" - twice.  

Jay & The Americans were inspired by it and also recorded "HUSHABYE" also twice.

"The MYSTICS  Magic"  has withstood the test of time !!   The MYSTICS were inducted into The Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame in 2015  

The MYSTICS recreate their many appearances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand and sing their own hit records like “Hushabye”, “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “Don’t Take the Stars.” Those who missed “Hushabye”’s  6-month reign on the charts may also know the song from The Beach Boys or Jay & The Americans who recorded the song in tribute to The MYSTICS and still perform it in their live concerts.

Younger fans also came to know and love The MYSTICS’ recording of “Over the Rainbow” from its prominent use in the hit TV show The Sopranos.  "Hushabye" was featured in the movies "Stand By Me" and "Mr. Rock n Roll -- The Alan Freed Story".


     The show-stoppers of today are a combination of cover songs  the  MYSTICS  have performed through the years and new additions of old standards from the “Top 40” history of rock and roll.

For concert events…

     The  MYSTICS  today can open a show with house-rockers like, “Twistin’ the Night   Away” and "Goodbye Mr. Blues"  and  the “Imperial Medley".” For  a solid closer, song like”, “Zing:  and, of course, “Hushabye” never fail to bring crowds to their feet.

For your private party , gated communities or corporate function… 

     The  MYSTICS today take audiences on an All-American musical road-trip with the New York street sounds of the 50’s, the Motown classics and California beach sounds of the 60’s, the blues-rock of Chicago, the Philadelphia soul of the 70’s and a splash of southern rock to round it out. The group’s tribute to our troops and veterans has become a crowd favorite and includes their rendition of the classic “God Bless the USA”  

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