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                   May 25th, 2018

     The Mystics & The Mystics Band

               The Show Palace

                     Hudson, FL

​  Call 727-863-7949 for Tickets $25.00 pp

             No Dinner Menu available

Scroll down n the link below  to The Mystics to purchase your tickets on Line!



                    August 4th, 2018

                         The Mystics

                        Kathy Young

                    The Shades of Blue

​                         Maumee, OH                                          DTF


                         Oct 6th, 2018


                       October 14th, 2018


​           The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                        The Villages, FL

                       October 20th, 2018

                    travel days 19th & 21st​

              Mike's Oldies & Doo Wop Show


The Mystics (with 2 Original Founding Members)

              Kathy Young and Ronnie Dove

and upcomng artists Camron Robertson, Brock Gonyea, Mansour Spears and great band Four On The Floor with Overdrive...More details to folow

                         Emmitsburg, MD


​                       November 8th, 2018

             The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                      On Top of The World

                          Clearwater, FL

                      November 10th, 2018

                Three Friends Entertainment

             "A Night of Doo Wop and Rock N Roll"

                                The Mystics

                                The Capris,

                            The Teenagers,

                    Norm Fox & The RobRoys

The Supergirl Group-Featuring members of The Exciters - The Cookies -The Jaynettes - The Raindrops -Reparata & The Del-Rons

                 Prouduced by LAR Enterprises

                          TICKETS ON SALE


                     December 15th, 2018

           The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                         Lexington Club

                       DelRay Beach, FL




                   January 11th, 2019

        The Mystics & The Mystics Band


                     LEESBURG, FL

                   January 16th, 2019

        The Mystics & The Mystics Band

       Herb Skolnick Community Center

                  Pompano Beach, FL


                  February 2nd, 2019

      The Mystics & The Mystics Band


                   The Villages, FL


                         March 10th, 2019

​           The Mystics & The Mystics Band


                           Tamarac, FL



                      March 23rd, 2019

          The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

                           Kings Ridge
                           Clermont, FL

                November 2-3rd, 2019



                 November 9th, 2019

    Michael Pryor's Oldies Concert



                December 14th, 2019

                     Lakeland, FL


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