​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                UPCOMING DATES!




                 March 10th, 2019

​     The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                  90 minute show





                      March 16th, 2019

         The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                 will be opening for

                   The Flamingos

       Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Theater

10102 Sunrise Lakes Blvd, Sunrise, FL

Corner of Nob Hill & Sunrise Lakes Blvd

                     Sunrise, FL

                Open to the Public

         Box Office M-F 9am - 2pm



                 March 23rd, 2019

       The Mystics & The Mystics Band

            OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

                   Kings Ridge
                   Clermont, FL

Tickets for non residents are $ 23.54 which include the tax. You can contact Robbin at 352.242.9653 for more info on purchasing your tickets




                April 6th & 7th, 2019

                 Doo Wop Weekend

Half Hollow Hills High School East
           50 Vanderbilt Parkway
              Dix Hills, NY 11746

       Saturday April 6th, 2019 – 5 PM


Kenny Vance

The Legendary Teenagers

Willie Winfield & The Harptones

Norman Fox

The Chantels

Kid Kyle

The Coasters

Chuck Girard Original Lead singer of The Castells

Jimmy Charles 

Jimmy Gallagher & The Passions  Cleveland Still & The Dubs 

Jimmy Clanton 

Acappella By The Classic Sounds

        Sunday April 7th, 2019 – 3 PM


The Mystics
Kenny Vance 
The Heartbeats 
The Vogues 
The Capris 
Lenny Dell & The Demensions 
Larry Chance & The Earls 
LA LA Brooks Original Lead Singer of The Crystals 
The Jarmels 
Jimmy Stephens 
The Quotations 
The Super Girls Group featuring members of
The Exciters – The Cookies – The Jaynettes -The Raindrops – Reparata & The Del-Rons 


                   April 27th, 2019

  The Mystics & The Mystics Band

    Valencia Reserve Men's Club

                 PRIVATE SHOW

      ​Residents & their Guests Only

               Boynton Beach, FL


                  June 16th, 2019

       The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                  The Villages, FL

            Members & Guests Only


                    October 19th, 2019

             Michael Pryor's Oldies Show

   The Mystics  are back by Popular Demand

                     Emmitsburg, MD


                November 3rd, 2019 

                   Multi Act Show

​                         Solivita
​                   Poinciana, FL


           Residents & Guests Only



               November 9th, 2019

     The MYSTICS & The Mystics band

           Wellington at Seven Hills

​                    Spring Hill, FL

            Residents & Guests Only


                December 14th, 2019

      The Mystics and The Mystics Band

                     Lakeland, FL



                January 5th, 2020

          Back by Popular Demand

  The MYSTICS & The Mystics Band

                  Club Members

                The Villages, FL

                    Jan. 16th, 2020

           Back by Popular Demand

   The MYSTICS & The Mystics Band

                 Top of The World

                   Clearwater, FL



               February 1st, 2020

​         Back by Popular Demand

    The Mystics & The Mystics Band

              Four Lakes Golf Club

                Winter Haven, FL

         Residents & Guests ONLY

                   June 1st - 10th, 2020

  Exact dates to be announced  in Fall of 2019

      Jersey had the Four Seasons...The MYSTICS Belong To  BROOKLYN

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