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GEORGE GALFO  started his career in the entertainment industry in 1958 as a member of the Overons, the group that evolved into The Mystics. As The Mystics original second tenor, George is heard on all of the group’s Laurie Records releases as well as several unreleased demos that are highly regarded by collectors. George appeared with the group on several TV shows in the 50’s & 60’s including the Clay Cole Show, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Alan Freed's Big Beat Show and Jim Gallant's Bandstand in Connecticut. Stage highlights of the day included the Alan Freed Stage Show at the Brooklyn Fox, the Cavalcade Of Stars tour run by the legendary General Artists Corporation and Palisades Park appearances hosted by “Cousin Brucie” Morrow. Aside from their own hit records, George & the group provided vocal back-up for several other artists, including Connie Francis on her 1959 release "Tommy". George led his own Mystics group since 2002, emerging as a fine lead singer in his own right. In 2011, Phil Cracolici, George’s uncle and the group’s original lead singer, joined forces with George & his group to carry The Mystics legacy on through the 21st century. George has been inducted into The Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, Los Angeles, CA -  March 14th, 2015


 PHIL CRACOLICI  started singing in 1956 with friends and soon after, formed The Overons with his brother Albee & nephew George Galfo,, which later became known as The Mystics. Phil is the original lead singer of the group’s 1959 #1 hit “Hushabye”, as well as their highly-regarded follow-up “Don’t Take the Stars”.. Prior to joining his nephew George in 2011, he was with the Brooklyn Reunion (along with The Classics & The Passions) performing throughout the NY area and on PBS-TV specials. Phil has been inducted into The Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, Los Angeles, CA.- March 14th, 2015

 ROCKY MARSICANO began his singing career at an early age.  His  love of singing started in grammar school by joining the glee club and in the late 50's he found himself harmonizing with the guys on the street corners. In a short time Rocky, along with Joe Fatone, formed a neighborhood group called "The Orions" that performed locally well into the 70's. In the later 70's Rocky became a member, first tenor, & recording artist with "The Riffs". In 1985 he was asked to become a member of "Lenny Cocco and The Chimes". Rocky remained with "Lenny Cocco and The Chimes" for 23 years performing all over the country as first tenor, lead, and recording artist on two Cd's. In 2002 Rocky performed for several months with "Jay Siegel and The Tokens" , later returning back to "Lenny Cocco and The Chimes". From early 2008 until late 2011 Rocky performed with "The Manhattan Skyline". Rocky now resides in Florida and has proudly become a member of the group he has always admired, "The Mystics

JOHN SCHENA   was born June 1947 in Brooklyn, New York.. He grew up listening and singing doo wop music which became his life's passion.. When John was 12 years old he decided to start an acapella doo wop group . They sang in the subways of Brooklyn, NY to capture that long sought after Echo.  Then at the age of  16 he joined a band called the Arcades.  This group was popular throughout Long Island and the Five  Boroughs of New York. At the age  27,  he started singing with multiple acapella groups such as, the Realms, the Ambassadors, and then got the opportunity to sing with Lenny Coco and the Chimes on the Norman Night  Show on CBS FM Radio.  John later went on to join a group called Time Machine  and at that time he met his wife Millie. After they got married in 1977 and started their family, John decided to retired from singing for several years. In the mid 80’s  he returned to  singing acapella which is when he started a group called Late Edition   and they got the opportunity to do several recordings.  After Late Edition decided to stop performing,  John retired  from singing until 2005..that is when  he met Joel Katz who had his own studio in New Jersey and John cut first album called Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn. After recording his album  John decided it was time retired from the operating engineers  after  38 years. John and his family moved to Saint Cloud, Florida. In 2015, he got together with a group of guys in Del Ray, Florida and started a group called The Dons of Doo Wop. They got the opportunity to performed in Del Ray at Kings Point.  Before their scheduled performance they recorded their practice session  in the bathroom and the video got over 250,000 views on Facebook along with thousands of views on YouTube. John made the decision to leave the group due to the demographics of the long drives to rehearse in 2016. Opportunity  knocked at his door when in June 2017 he was asked  to audition for The Mystics. After singing three songs for them they asked me to join their group. John gives his thanks to George, Rocky, and Phil for accepting him into their family, and looks forward to working with The Mystics  to help keep the music and Legacy alive