Thank you Mike & Tehani for the Box of Devil Dogs

Brought Devil Dogs to Italy

Lucille, Thank you for the Boxes of Devil Dogs

Thank you Sherry for the box of Devil Dogs

Fluffy made sure we had  our Boxes of Devil Dogs

Ann made sure we had our Devil Dogs

Thank You Brian, long time friend for the box of                                     Devil Dogs

                                                              We LOVE Devil Dogs & Yankee Doodles!!!!


Not Only do we LOVE them, but we have brought them to our friends in Italy so they could enjoy them too!!  Our Friends bring us boxes to  make sure we have  enough of our Favorite snacks on our way home from concerts....just in case our flights are Delayed!

Thank you Fluffy for the Devil Dogs

Lucille made sure The Mystics had Boxes of Devil Dogs

Brought a Box of Devil Dogs to CA for Charlie DiCumo

Thank You John & Patti

More Devil Dogs Arrive!