The Mystics with Friends 

April 7th, 2017--Kings Point, Delray Beach, FL

     Rockin the Caribbean Cruise--March 4th to 11th, 2018

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The Mystics & Mystics Band having Fun at Denny's with Friends After Their Jan 31st show

            Pictures After the Show

              Mike's Oldies Show

       Emittsburg, PA--Nov. 4th, 2017

                         The Mystics with Friends

                     February 2017 -  Fort Pierce, FL

     Affordable Music Productions Concert

​      After Concert & VIP Meet n Greet

      San Bernardino, CA - Dec. 16th, 2017

Pictures with Friends & Fans & Twisters --Jan. 17th, 2018 - Herb Skolink Center

                                                       August 7th, 2017

                                                     The Mystics Manor

                                     Pictures from The Mystics Dinner Party

                   Welcoming our brother from Italy--Stefano Zampaloni (Sh-Boom) 

     and more of our family from  Italy....Egidio Frongia, Cipriano Delicato and Ilenia Dal Nevo

Lester's After the Feb 24th 2018 concert 

LAR Enterprises Doo Wop Weekend 2017

              The Mystics with Friends

​Opening Picture with The Mystics Bodyguards

                 July  23rd, 2016

The Mystics with Friends after the Concert

      Pictures Courtesy of Joni & Rita Burke Richey

R & R Time after The Mystics Feb 10th, 2018 Appearance