My  name is Charley Stoykovich. I play the keyboards and sing. I have been performing professionally since age 14. I have performed in the U.S A., Canada, Switzerland and Germany. I settled in Florida in 1988. I was in the house band "Katie Bar The Door" at Katie Belle's in The Villages for over 3 years. I performed at Walt Disney World Resorts from 2000 to 2011. After leaving WDW, I started a solo act and perform in The Villages and surrounding area. I joined The Mystics Band in 2018. 

           Sal Gioe

           Guitar & Vocals

Jerome Robinson is from Freeport, NY where his career began in the music industry. He is  presently residing in Belleview, FL with his wife. Jerome is accomplished Bassist and composer. He joined The Mystics in 2018 and  enjoys being on the stage with them.

                           Page is Dedicated To The  Memory


                                    Greg Pando 

             Our Brother.....Our Bassman...Lead Guitarist ...Vocals



     Vinny Cognato

          Drums & Vocals

    Charley Stoykovich

                    Keyboard & Vocals

Sal Gioe has performed music professionally since 1970. Starting out as a lead singer and guitarist in some early rock and roll bands. Sal's first musical influence was always (Doo Wop). After being on the wedding circuit from 1973 to 1976, and then performing with Lite FM from 1977 till 1980, Sal formed the doo wop acapella vocal group B,Q,E,. Then in 1990, he moved on from B,Q,E, to team up with the Triboro's, and then they soon became Jump Street. In 1999 Sal left N.Y. for Central Florida, and teamed up with the Cool Breeze Trio. Then formed Sal and the Gal.  Sal continues to perform as a solo act in Central Florida.  His former N.Y. performance venues include Westbury Music Fair, Club Benay, Atlantic City, The Roxy, and many of the The Catskill Mountain Resorts. with multiple appearances on CBS FM, with Don K Reed, and many local tri state night clubs, Doo Wop concerts, and of course the UGHA. Sal's Central Florida venues include The Villages, Top of the World, and many of the local clubs from Ocala, to Tampa, and the Orlando area's.   And now, Sal is proud to say.    I'm a member of The Mystics Band .

VINNY COGNATO, enjoys playing his drums, especially as the drummer of recording artists, THE MYSTICS. VINNY loves all Doo-Wop music, especially all MYSTICS’ songs, and loves playing MYSTICS’ shows. “Everyone is so great, it’s a pleasure performing with such talented and wonderful guys”.  “We are family”.

At the age of 16, growing up in Canarsie Brooklyn, New York City, VINNY’s parents paid for private drum lessons.  His teacher, JOEL ROTHMAN, is the author of many drum books, and one of the very finest professional drummers in the country. “I was extremely lucky to be taken under his wing, and trained by, JOEL ROTHMAN. Not many people are so lucky”. 

At 18, VINNY joined recording artists, “Vito and the Salutations”.  It was at a New York City Rock and Roll show VINNY decided he realized his dream of living like, “The Beatles”.  His dream became a reality when screaming girls were asking for his autograph. “The bug bit me at that point.”

After ten years playing with “Vito and the Salutations”, VINNY joined another named act, “The Impalas”.  When they decided to split up, he was contacted by Vito Picone of “The Elegants”. VINNY performed with “The Elegants” for eleven years before moving to the Villages, Florida, and joining THE MYSTICS.

“I have been blessed and lucky to have had a fulfilling musical career.  I anticipate many years ahead playing my drums with, THE MYSTICS.”

        Jerome Robinson