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                                                                               Terry Kresge

                                                                         Doo Wop Weekend

Loved the Mystics at Doo Wop Weekend, but then when my wife and I were fortunate enough to meet them in the airport and fly home with them, we consider that an absolute magical highlight of our lifetimes! What wonderful people! What stories! What a memory, and thanks again for the Devil Dogs! Can't wait for the next time.... 


                                                                                      Joseph Tomanelli‎ 
These guys performed at my Kings Ridge Community and blew the Roof off. They were great. I grew up with this music and so did most of Kings Ridge. Enjoyed them so much I just bought their book on Kindle.​                                                                                               


                                                                                    Cathy & Dom Morelli

Saw The Mystics on March 2nd, 2019 at the Tarrytown Music Theater. All we can say is WOW! They took us on a journey back in time to our teenage years. It was time standing still filled with such wonderful memories. They still have the stage presence, very classy and boy can they sing!  When they were joined on stage with their original bass that was the icing on the cake. To see 3 oriignals stand side by side made the trip worth while. Closing with The Mystics and Classics signing Looking for an Echo was ever so touching...Loved Loved It! Hope we get to see them again.


                                                                                      Emilio Iannace  


Saw u at the Villages last week bought the book,I was born in Bensonhurst ,reliving the good old days,Coney Island,St Finbar,17th Ave ,86th Street.I showed u the picture of DoDo the day I saw u at the Villages I hope I can see u guys the next time. Thanks for taking me back Emilio Iannace

                                                                                      Dale & Rosemary Abbott
GREAT night of entertainment at the Circle on the Square Culture Center in Ocala, FL. The MYSTICS with the MYSTIC BAND! THE BAND WAS SOLID and the MYSTICS WERE GREAT ! Performing all their hits and other songs of the 50's and 60's. For the first time performing several hits we all remembered. The surprise of the night? Drummer Vinnie C. from the Villages, Fl. singing and getting everyone on their feet. Thank you MYSTIC singers and band members for a wonderful night of entertainment!


                                                                                         Tim & Donna Francis
What a great time we had last night listening and singing the songs with the Mystics. Loved the new songs. If you get a chance to see the Mystics in person you will not be disappointed. Thanks for another great night .


                                                                                              Diana Schmidt
Great show last night, the Mystics and the Mystics band put on a fantastic show in Ocala,On top of the world! We had such a nice time during the show and after the show too!  You Guys are the best, we can't wait for the next show, we will see you there!


                                                                                                              Marvin Robbins
We were at last night’s show in Ocala, and you guys knocked it outa the park!  Great performances!!!  Thanks so much for keeping the music alive. Glad I got to say “hello” in person.


                                                                                                                          Kathleen Forsberg



                                                                                             Jim Santa Barbara
                                                                         The Wax Museum-- 88.1 FM -- www.wesufm.org
                                                           April 14th,2018 - Todd Baptista's Doo Wop & Sounds of The City 
It is always a pleasure to see the Mystics perform. Last night in New Bedford was no exception. The Mystics are surely one of the hardest working and most professional groups still out there performing. And they have been at it for an amazing 60 years. Last nights set included many of their own songs including All Through the Night, Don't Take the Stars, and of course Hushabye as well as some Doo-Wop standards including Chapel of Dreams and Tonight Could be the Night. They also performed A Teenager in Love and told how it was supposed to be their first recording but Laurie Records decided to give it to Dion and the Belmonts instead. But of course things worked out as Pomus and Schuman gave them Hushabye which was also a huge hit and has become their signature song. If you get a chance to see these guys don't miss it. They have become Doo-Wop royalty. Be sure to click on the picture for more information. With Todd Baptista, George Galfo and Joni Sperling


                                                                                        Sunday, April 15, 2018
                                                                    Nick Cobban, visiting from the UK for his Vinyl Blogspot
I'm three days into my latest US music trip (with Alan Lloyd, John Howard and Gordon Fleming) and   I've been busy, the highlight being a highly enjoyable Doowop show last night in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We flew in to Boston on Thursday, picked up a car and drove the 30 odd miles to the small town of Mansfield, where we are staying in New England - much cheaper than downtown Boston. Next day we toured Boston on a trolley tour and were impressed  by the actors at the Tea Party experience: touristy, but fun. Back in Mansfield we had a superb Italian meal.

Yesterday we drove south to Providence, state capital of Rhode Island, for breakfast and then circumnavigated the tiny state, taking in Jamestown and Newport, famous for its jazz and folk festivals. It was a sunny day and the up market resort was busy, so we continued to New Bedford, once the centre of the whaling industry, where we toured the whaling museum. It's quite impressive but manages to glamourise the gory trade. We went to have a good Portuguese meal locally.
The Doowop show, in the Zeiterion Theater, is the 16th such show organised by enthusiast Todd Baptista, and featured four acts, each performing 8 or 9 songs. It's a good format which gives the acts a better chance to show off their repertoire than the Hauppaugge shows, where only three or four are the norm. First up were The Orlons, not really a Doowop group perhaps, but good pop performers, featuring original members Stephen Caldwell and Jean Brickley. They were excellent on hits such as Not Me, Crossfire, Wah Watusi, Don't Hang Up and South Street and also included a couple of more obscure numbers - their 1961 debut number (Soldier Boy) I'll Be There and (Happy Birthday) Mr 21. Next up were The Mystics, from Brooklyn, with a lineup including original lead singer Phil Cracolici and second tenor George Galfo. They harmonised sweetly on Tonight, Don't Take The Stars, Chapel Of Dreams, All Through The Night and a dramatic Cara Mia. They did a quick take on Teenager In Love, a song written for them by Pomus and Shuman but given to label mates Dion and the Belmonts they said, before ending with their own smash Pomus and Shuman song Hushabye and Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart.

The second half began with the first appearance in 22 years by members of the Del Vikings including originals Ritzy Lee, Doug White and Joe Lopes (now in a wheel chair). The set included hits such as Whispering Bells, I'm Spinning, Cool Shake, Sunday Kind Of Love and, of course, Come Go With Me. There were also less well known tracks including the very similar Come Along With Me, Bring Back Your Heart (featuring soaring tenor by Terry Young, one of the newer members), The Sun and Kiss Me, from their ABC Paramount era. Superb stuff. The final act was the wonderful La La Brooks, still in great voice and looking fabulous in a shiny silver trouser suit, who joined The Crystals aged 13 and sang lead on Then He Kissed Me, Da Doo Ron Ron,  Little Boy and I Wonder, all of which she sang to perfection. Other numbers included There's No Other Like My Baby, Uptown and Be My Baby before ending with an exciting version of Proud Mary, during which she mingled with a rapturous crowd. Great stuff from a great artist and overall a really great show. Todd insists on the acts singing their original material and on them meeting the fans in the foyer afterwards, all of which contribute to the success of his shows.


                                  You guys put on a great show,on that cruise...with rocky & the rollers...the whole line up was great.....

                                       Favorite songs.  Love all your songs including hushaye and dont take the stars.

                                                                                               Tommy G
                                                                      Thanks for a great Cruise with the Mystics. 



                 Great time on the cruise.  Enjoyed The Mystics and not only are they talented,  they are friendly and class act all the way. Refreshing to see new groups....instead of the same old same old groups over and over every year. Hope to see them on a future cruise.


We had a great tine on Rockin the Caribbean Cruise last week, Entertainment was amazing. What brought us truly back to our teenage years and memories were The Mystics, Not only did they have us spellbound by their performance..they took the time to chat with  us when we saw them at breakfast and anytime we saw them during the week. Great performers and the friendliest people we have met. Looking forward to seeing them again and again!



                                                                                              Feb. 24th, 2018

                                                        God Bless the Mystics....still going strong. A Fabulous Concert last night!!!!!

                                                                                                  Mollie Siegel 

                                                                                               Feb. 24th, 2018

Great talent, true showmen... Fabulous show...  They are masters of Doowop! Don't miss the chance to see them if you can. Fabulous range of voices, one of our favorites!... The BEST concert I've been to in a long time! They give 100%. Time stood still.. they're just as good, even better than years gone by. Hope they come back soon! And Joni... gorgeous as ever! We love you Mystic's..oh yes we do~~


                                                                                           Mary Breshears-Perez
                                                                                              Feb. 24th, 2018 


                                                                                                    Seena & Ray
                                                               Feb. 24th, 2018 – LAR Enterprises concert- Parker Playhouse

My husband and I saw the Mystics at Parker Playhouse in Florida on February 24. The show was amazing. I have been following these guys for many years along with their fantastic voices and music . Besides from being so talented they are the sweetest warmest bunch of guys I have ever met in the music business . They bring back memories that I will never ever forget. Now I’m passing it on to my grandchildren. Thank you George,Johnny, Phil & Rocky\  Let’s not forget Joni for all her posts and updates


                                                                                                 Vini Poncia


                                                                                             Feb. 24th, 2018

Had a great time last nite with my old pals the Mystics and new Mystic pals John and Rocky... great seeing Georgie and Phil ...thank you Joanie for everything /the “”boys” sounded and looked great on stage carrying on the Mystics tradition of always being at the top of their game/ John and Rocky great addition!! It was great to see old friends The Mystics again but even better to watch and listen to Phil and George Rocky and John perform a wonderful set of doo wop harmony in the classic Mystic tradition we’ve all come to expect/ smooth as silk// loved it!

                                                                                               Remember Then Radio
                                                                               Barbara Cornagie Steve Soskin Co-Owners

                                                                       February 24, 2018 Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale , Florida:

With great excitement we planned our trip to Florida from Charlotte, not an easy feat when you run an internet radio station that is on air 24/7/365. We are very particular about events we attend . We felt in our hearts that this one was going to be well worthwhile. The show was absolutely sensational. The audience felt electrically charged and remarkably energized. We were all transported to another time and place. When the Mystics took the stage we were blown away. Their stage presence was impeccable. They looked so classy and had so much enthusiasm and sheer energy we felt as if we were right back in the days when we were all just kids. Uncle Phil sang "Hushabye" as perfectly as ever and George Galfo sounded spectacular helping us all remember the wonderful feelings of being a teenager in love. Johnny Schena was perfect on "Tonight Could Be The Night" Because it actually was THE NIGHT! A night to forget your cares and share the joy of the special time and place when we all came of age. Rocky Marsicano you are a perfect fit to the Mystics and ZING is one of our Anthems.. LOVED the way you guys made us feel. After the show you were kind enough to sign our albums and our "Remember Then Radio" tee shirt.. A shirt that we ask only the best artists to sign... All we can say is BRAVO and Thank You 2018 MYSTICS. MYSTICS FOREVER!

                                                                                                             Vinny DeVita

                                                                                         LAR Enterprises Concert--Feb 24th, 2018

DILLY DILLY!! Seeing the Mystics live performance, brought me back to my childhood ! I watched them on the Dick Clark Show and saw them live at one of the old Brooklyn Theaters. There were other groups at this show, however the Mystics were right on the money! Their harmony and tightness of their voices are very real! We are so looking forward for the next show!! God Bless! In Harmony,
Vinny DeVita

                                                                                                   Joe Carbone -- Feb 10th, 2018

What a great night at the sold out show at Heritage Pines, where The Mystic's were fabulous. Bringing back songs from the 50's top artists, while closing the show with their epic single "Hushabye". The crowd would not leave so the guy's came back on stage for an on core song..Looking forward to May 25th when The Mystic's perform at The Show Palace in Hudson Fl!!! 🎶 🎶 Joe Carbone


                                                                                                 Jacqui McDonald - Feb 9th, 2018

Last night's performance by The Mystics, at Four Lakes Golf Club, was moving, memorable and immensely enjoyable. Their performance moved us, literally. We chair- danced, we clapped along with the song, and some of us were even moved to tears. The packed house gave The Mystics a standing ovation, demanding an encore. The Mystics, being a Class Act, of course obliged. -- Jacqui McDonald, Four-Laker.

                                                                                                           Tom McLouth
                                                                                                         Jan 31st ,2018

Wow! Thank you gentlemen for coming to the Orange Blossom Opry and presenting a great show! I was so happy to see "the real thing" You were so nice to me and all your other fans-I had a lot of fun!

                                                                                                          Dale F. Abbott
                                                                                                          Jan 31st, 2018

What a FANTASTIC performance by the Mystics last night at the Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, Fl. They performed with the Mystic band who were nothing short of terrific themselves! Great interaction between the Mystics and the audience yelling “ dilly dilly” at each other. Really a fun night hearing the old Mystic songs performed live an d a lot of new (oldies) added to their catalog of songs.Phil, George,Rocky and newest member John ( What a beautiful smooth voice he has) made a lot of people happy last night . Thank you Joni, Mystics and the GREAT Mystic band for a truly wonderful evening.

                                                                                                      Donny Ragovin

What A great trip down memory lane last night as the Mystics Wove their magic. Great harmonies and great sound. Once again special thank you to George, Phil, John and my special friend Rocky. You guys never fail to impress, thanks for keeping the music alive, And looking forward to seeing you guys again, again, and again.


                                                                                                         Frank Czuri
                                                                                                        The Skyliners

​ I had the pleasure again of being on the bill with the Mystics December 16,2017 in San Bernardino. Their show is always top notch, and Jimmy and I often remarked how good their vocal blend is. However they knocked me out at the after Show party at our hotel with a killer accapella That’s The Way It Goes by the Harptones. Beautiful harmony and they gave their finest for fun!!  I’ve known of the group since I was 10, with my cousin having Hushabye! What a gas to be able to hear that great harmony live almost 60 years later! One of the best groups out there doing it!
Frank Czuri


                                                                                                       Judi Horetsky
                                                                                                     Mystics ROCK!
Love the Mystics for keeping our music alive! Great bunch of guys that always put on the best show! I like all of the guys, but love George and Phil, the two original members! Hope to see them at a show soon! And, they have a great, sweet manager! Love ya Joni!

                                                                                                        Lynn Rodda
                                                                                                  Mike's Oldies Show

                                                                                                     Emmitsburg, MD  

You ROCKED the house last night. Love to dance and 8 sure did. It was a blessing to meet you. I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Traynor before he passed. An awesome man. God bless you all.❤❤❤❤

                                                                                                Heather Guy
                                                                                            Mike's Oldies Show 
                                                                                                Emmitsburg, MD      

For the Mystics....... It was a magical ending to a magical night for me... I came to see Jimmy Clanton (6th time in 2 weeks) and fell in love with the Mystics all over again. The music from my teen years was right there in front of me and I had so much fun. Dancing at the back of the room during shout with some other of Jimmy's friends was just so much fun.... may have been a bit hard on the hip, but I will survive - we gotta live in the moment. The thrill of both hearing and seeing Phil sing Hushabye was incomparable... that song and that voice have always been a part of my life... thank you to you Phil for doing that for all of us... and that is what I said to you after the show... what an honour to be there. I came down from Brantford, Ontario, Canada for this show and the bonus was so awesome! I will be posting the pic on my fb page soon.... I hope to see all of you again one of these days soon... if you ever come up to Niagara Falls or the area, please let me know and I will be there. Heather Guy

                                                                                                          Rita LeBenz
                                                                                                 The Mystics from Bensonhurst

I grew up listening to them practice in Bensonhurst. They were always down to earth and it was a great pleasure to see them make a great success . I saw them 2 years ago and it was like we were back in our neighborhood Can't wait to see them again.And I have to Add Joni is great

                                                                                                             Lou Patavino

The Mystics are not only one of the best groups still out there performing. They are the one group that will be in the back of the theater or lobby to meet people and take pictures. They have tough schedules , spending time in airports or driving to shows is very grueling . They are lucky to have their Mgr Joni to keep it all together So if you get to see and hear The Mystics show them how much all this work is appreciated. Hushabye and support the Mystics

                                                                                                                  Rita Richey

I have seen The Mystics numerous times & enjoy the music, harmonies & especially the kind & friendly personalities they all have...I drove 11 hrs to Lecanto FL for a concert & left the next morning going back home for another 11-12 hr drive but it was worth every minute of the drive. I look forward to seeing more concerts & hanging out afterward. Thanks to all of you for being such wonderful friends & to Joni for keeping us up to date on all functions & outings!! The music takes us back to our happy place with a million memories when times were so much fun...thank you & keep the music alive!!!

                                                                                              Kathleen Forsberg

I can never say enough about The Mystics,their music,shows and classiness!!! I do not get to shows as often as I would like but when I do i come out feeling euphoric,refreshed,energized thanks to them. they bring us back to so many found memories,have the most awesome harmonies and always sing from their hearts so you can feel every song they sing and they make us laugh,cry and I always end up wanting to dance in the aisles!!! A Mystics show is always unforgettable and just pricelesss. They give their all to their music and audiences and I am truly thankful that they work so hard and share their talents and beautiful music with us !!! THE MYSTICS FOREVER!!!!!!!

                                                                                                         Ray Weber

                                                                                           Dont Miss one of their shows!

The Mystics are a really talented bunch of guys. Seeing one of their shows is a MUST! Don't miss it if you get the chance.

                                                                                                              Carol Bradice
                                                                                                     MY BROOKLYN BOYS

                                                                                                            Oct 7th, 2017

Recently saw, as I call them, My Brooklyn Boys, THE MYSTICS - -at the Count Basie Theater in NJ. They were fabulous. This group is your typical DooWop group. They bring us back to the days of street corner DooWop while being so professional, entertaining and talented in today's DooWop world! They are loved by their fans & everyone who is lucky enough to see them Perform! Besides being great performers they are all-around great guys. Don't miss them!


                                                                                                          Arthur T. Aldrich

I was able to meet and have dinner with The Mystics a few years ago when they were preforming at The Zeiterion Preforming Arts Center in New Bedford, MA. The Mystics are not just another oldies show; the Mystics are an event, the individual voices, harmonies and stage presence is perfection, pure showmanship and leaves you wanting more. If you have not seen The Mystics, put them on your list of events to not miss. I look forward to seeing The Mystics again at The Zeiterion in 2018.

                                                                                                                      Oct 7th, 2017
                                                                                                         Red Bank, NJ                                                                      

                                                                                                        Eddie & Cynthia​                                                                  

Concert was Sold Out as the iineup was stellar. The Mystics  are our Favorites and true to form they didn't let us or the audience down. Their entrance to the stage was fitting to their stage presence and vocals...They are a Class act  all the way!  Disappointed they didn't do more songs as we would have loved to hear Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Sunday Kind of Love. Hoping they return to Red Bank soon.                                        


                                                                                                             Oct 7th, 2017
                                                                                                             Red Bank, NJ

                                                                                                      Loretta, Connie & Susan

My friends and I attended the Sold Out LAR Enterprises  Old Time Doo Wop concert at the Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ on Oct 7th.  The line up was awesome but The Mystics were the HIGHLIGHT of the concert for us.  They walked out on the stage with confidence and class! From their 1st song  "Higher nd Hihger" to their #1 Hit "Hushabye" they had the audience in AWE! Vocals were tight and stage presence was right on!  Wish they had more time sing one of our favorites "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"  Looking forward to seeing them again!


                                                                                                  Oct. 7th, 2017
                                                                                                  Red Bank, NJ

                                                                                                  Nicky Catello

​I had the pleasure of seeing the Mystics at Count Basie Theater Saturday  October 7th ,as usual they were fantastic on their vocals with  tight harmonies and elegant appearances. I also had the pleasure of meeting them during intermission, They are a great group cant wait to see them again. Thank you!

                                                                                              April 7th, 2017 
                                                                                       Kings Point, Delray Beach, FL

                                                                                                   Donny Ragovin​                            

Like a fine wine you guys get better with age ! It was a please to see you AGAIN. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Keep the Music alive!!!!

                                                                                                 March 26th, 2017
                                                                                               "Doo Wop Mania"

                                                                                                 Daniel Tenace
Saw the Mystics again tonight. Twice in the month of March, 2017. I must say these guys put on the best shows. So musically talented, great entertainers & just plain good people. And Joni the Mystics Manager does such a great job keeping it all together. Thank you George, Phil, Rocky & Anthony & The Mystic Band. You really made my day, my month and my year. Daniel Tenace



                                                                                                        David Stowe

                                                                                                     Love the sound​

Can hardly wait to see you in April. We just drove down from Chicago to see the Dupree in Lecanto. Wish I could have gotten in to see you guys too.

                                                                                                         March 9th, 2017

                                                                                                         Fort Myers, FL

                                                                                                   Sally & Herbert Cohen
Memories, Memories!! That is what my husband and I enjoyed last night at the Doo Wop Concert at Barbara B Mann. Hushabye oh Hushabye!! The Mystics opened the show .. capturing us immediately!! Class act all the way. It was reliving wonderful memories of yesteryear. To watch and listen to 2 Original Mystics was and is WONDERFUL. Their energy, their voices were fabulous. The other Mystic members, who are very talented rounded out the group. They all sounded great. Refreshing to see them as most of the concerts  seem to have the same artists over and over.  No one should miss going to see The Mystics!!!

                                                                                                                   March 8th, 2017

                                                                                                                     Lakeland, FL

                                                                                                       Bobbi, Lynda, Jenni  & Sammi

My girlfriends and I attended the Nader Mara Doo Wop Concert tonight. We went especially to see The Mystics, as we all had crushes on them back in  the 50's/60's.  They looked sharp in their blue sharkskin suits and their performance was flawless.  They opened the show and left us wanting more. Wish they had more time as we could have listened to them all night. Met them after the show in the lobby and they took time to take pictures with us.  Looking forward to seeing them again and again!


                                                                                                           March 8th, 2017

                                                                                                            Lakeland, FL

                                                                                                       Mary & Sal Simone

Tonight was a Special night as it was our Anniversary. What better way to celebrate than  seeing Originals on stage bringing us Memories of our teenage years. The Mystics WOWED us and the audience with their opening number, Higher and Higher. Then came Don't Take The Stars, which is one of our favorites.  Loved their rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and they sounded better than they did in 1959 when they sang Hushabye. Ending their set with Zing was surely a crowd pleaser and they left the stage with a standing OVATION. WTG Mystics!!

                                                                                                       March 4th, 2017

                                                                                          Century Village Deerfield Beach

                                                                                                          Daniel Tenace
I have been to many shows at the Century Village East Main Theatre in Deerfield Beach Florida. Seen many different groups and shows. But........Last night I saw one of the best shows of all time. George Galfo and the Mystics put on a show of all shows. These guys have been together for a long time and they still perform as good as ever. So friendly too.....After the show met with George & the boys and took some pictures. Just a bunch of regular guys. If you have a chance to see the Mystics by all chance please do. You won't be sorry and they'll make your day just like they made mine.

                                                                                                          Feb. 11th, 2017

                                                                                                     Review by Barry Guiot

                                                                                              The Mystics Oh What A Night!

I attended the 3rd annual Larry Kyman Entertainment  concert at the Sunrise Theatre in Ft Pierce Florida, February 11th, this year titled “Let’s Bring Back The Memories”.

The Mystics were once again the lead, the opening act responsible for shaking up the house and paving the way for what was to come.  Boy, they did not disappoint.  

As the Theatre went into total darkness, 4 well blend voices began to sing “Oh What A Night” acapella.  Slowly the stage lights came up revealing The Mystics.  The harmonies were spot on.  There is no hiding singing acapella.  What a way to start a show.

So began a 40 minuet set that included “Your Love Keeps Lilting Me Higher”, “Don’t Take The Stars”, “That’s My Desire”, “Goody Goody”.  From there they sang a medley comprised of “Tears On My Pillow”, “Hurt So Bad” “Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop” and “Going Out Of My Head”.

Where do you go from there?

The Mystics returning member (yes after a leave of absence he’s back!) Anthony Defontes offered his version of “Cara Mia” to a standing ovation!  Anthony you were simply fantastic!

Only to be followed by my personal favorite “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, their signature song “Hushabye” and closed with “Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart”

And as George, Phil, Anthony and Rocky strolled off the stage to a standing ovation, thunderous applause and loud cheers must have thought to themselves; to the remaining 3 acts, TOP THAT!, as the set the standard to what would be a night of excellence.  Another remarkable performance by The Mystics!  


                                                                                               February 11th, 2017

                                                                                       Sunrise Theater, Ft. Pierce, FL

My husband and I attended Kyman Entertainment Let's Bring Back The Memories concert on Feb 11th  and that's exactly what the night held for us. We got to hear one of our favorite groups The Mystics. We've seen them many times and they NEVER disappointed us or the audience!  They sound just as good today as they did back in 1959. They put their Fans 1st which sets them apart from many of the other groups who are still performing.  Looking forward to seeing them again and again!

                                                                                        Rosalie & Carmine Mugnus



                                                                                                  Feb. 11th, 2017
                                                                                                  Sunrise Theater

Feb. 11th, 2017 @ Sunrise Theater was a night my wife and I stepped back in time. Being from Brooklyn we relieved our teenage years with The Mystics as they opened the show. Our 1st time seeing them live and what an experience.  The unexpected accapella opening number  and then going into upbeat Higher n Higher set the pace for us, the rest of the audience  and continued to do so straight to their last song Zing. There were standing ovations throughout their performance.  We're looking forward to going to see them again. Thank you for bringing us back the Memories!!
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. A. Shepard


                                                                                                 Oct. 22nd, 2016

​                                                                                           Van Wezel Performing Arts  
                                                                                       Doo Wop Spectacular Concert
                                                                                            Review by Sarah Ashton

This is one of many times I attended a concert where The Mystics were on the line up. All I can say is WOW!  Their stage presence shows  confidence!..their appearance is always perfect!..their performances are amazing..they own the stage, they connect wth their audience from the time they walk out on to the stage till the time they take their last bow!..their voices blend like fine wine! The Mystics  greet everyone after each concert ...embracing everyone as if they have known each of us for years... Looking forward to attending more of their concerts.

                                                                                                       July 23rd. 2016

                                                                                                        Lecanto show

                      I loved the show. Had me dancing in my seat. Was nice to meet all and....      Joni about time lol . Hope to cya all again  


                                                                                                        July 23rd, ,2016

                                                                                                     Review by Dale Abbott                         

                                                                                                 Fabulous show in Lecanto, Fl.

3 friends and I drove to Lecanto, Fl. to see one of the best shows I  have seen in a very long time 2 fantastic groups , the Mystics & Flamingos .  Original members George and Phil, plus Anthony and Rocky sang their HUGE hit " HUSHABYE " AND IT WAS 1959 ALL OVER AGAIN! The guys sang a host of old doo wop as well and had everyone clapping and singing along . You could tell they were having as good a time performing as we had listening. A fun night for everyone being entertained by 2 of the finest groups from the era of Americas BEST MUSIC. We can't wait to see them again. Dale F. Abbott

                                                                                                         July 23rd, 2016

                                                                                                Review by Joe Carbone

I finally got to see The Mystic's on Saturday in Lecanto, Fl. with two original members, The Mystic's have been entertaining audiences around the world well over 50 years..They sang great songs with each member sharing lead vocals..The harmony was outstanding, especially when performing a song in acappella ..Of course the hi light of the evening was when they sang their number one hit "Hushabye". It's easy to see why The Mystic's have a huge fan base as they are real personable & go out there to meet their fans.. I look forward to seeing the Rock & Roll Music Hall of Fame members The Mystic's again the near future

                                                                                                         July 23rd, 2016

                                                                                                    Review by Judi Horetsky

Super nice and friendly group. Doing what they do best, keeping our awesome music alive. Beautiful voices in perfect harmony. Can't wait to see them perform again!

                                                                                                          May 21st, 2016
                                                                                                Review by Julie Miranda
                                                                             SH-BOOM Rockin Doo Wop # 2 Spring Party
                                                                                                      Castelfidardo, Italy
The MYSTICS … George Galfo , Phil Cracolici, Pat Moschetto and Ralph Rati - oh my lord what can I say but what an outstanding group! I was completely honoured to present you at the festival.. Thank you for coming to Italy .. your voices and performance blew me away. And I have to say a BIG Thank you Theresa and the whirldwind known as Joni .. (what an awesome woman !) Thank you for your friendship, laughs and your help and support this weekend … it will never be forgotten !   
Julie Miranda


                                                                                                March 18th, 2016
                                                                                     Review by Josephine Castore
                                                                                                Boca Raton, FL
was there!  A birthday present from the best boss, Bob Feldman...you guys were great, you started that show off with finess, class and of course your wonderful talent....you never disappoint!  .



                                                                                            February 20th, 2016

                                                                                           Review by Ron Stein

                                                                                         DJ @The Ride Radio.net

      OK, before I review the STELLER and SEAMLESSLY GREAT performance of The Mystics,   who opened the show on the second night of Doo Wop Weekend South at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce, Florida on Saturday night February 20th 2016, I have to offer a couple of personal observations - First, all of the promoters who book The Mystics should give careful thought to where they place this GREAT group on their bill -- Right now these guys are taking the place of Kenny Vance as the hardest working group in Doo Wop, they are constantly traveling all over the United States and the world keeping the flame of doo-wop burning bright, and not only are they probably among the best known groups in doo-wop today but they are also among the top tier of the best performing groups going - On most doo-wop shows today The Mystics deserve to be the HEADLINERS, not the opening act.  Also, you will not find a friendlier and more gracious couple anywhere in rock-n-roll than George and Joni - Every fan is personally greeted by name and treated as old and valued friends, not just at the meet and greet but also on Facebook and always, and this adds so much to the enjoyment of the entire experience.  There are many oldies acts out there who could learn a lot about the treatment of their fans from George and Joni and the rest of The Mystics.

Now to my review of The Mystics performance - As usual the group came out rockin' and immediately riveted the audience with a high energy rendition of 'Goodbye Mr. Blues', one of The Mystics' solid uptempo tunes that never did get enough exposure on the radio but certainly set the tone for the rest of the great performance to come.  Next up was the classic ballad 'Over The Rainbow', a natural choice that highlights the close harmonies that the group is noted for.  And third was a real show stopper, a wonderful acapella rendition of The Harptones' legendary ballad 'That's The Way It Goes' - One thing about acapella doo-wop, you have to have top level musical chops to be able to pull it off successfully, and the Mystics definitely have that - the performance of that lovely ballad was seamless and took the song to a new level!  After a verse of 'A Teenager In Love' which George explained had almost gone to The Mystics instead of Dion, Phil was next on the lead vocals on the Mystics' big signature hit 'Hushabye', which deservedly got a standing ovation from the audience.  As each act on the show got to perform only five songs The Mystics had the audience dancing in the aisles with their final song, a smartly choreographed high energy performance of 'Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart' that left you wanting to see much more from this wonderful group.  If The Mystics play a show anywhere near you do yourself a big favor and make it a point to go out and see them, it's guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience and you will come away with some lasting memories and five very talented new friends!

                                                                                                        June 19th, 2015                                                                 
                                                                                                Review by  Eddie Collins

Street corner harmony with class, as THE MYSTICS brought it all back at Penn's Peak last Friday night. From their opener "Goodbye Mr.Blues," a hit for them in 1961, to their signature tune "Hushabye," which helped bankroll Laurie Records in 1959.

The Mystics delivered that 'Brooklyn' sound of doo-wop magic.

Great to meet founding members Phil Cracolici & George Galfo after their show.                            

                                                                                          March 28th, 2015

                                                                                 Review by Debbie Beckman

Wow! The Mystics were a wonderful finale to our High Vista Showtime...loved, loved, loved all the fabulous Doo Wop music...Rocky those high notes were astounding, George Galfo you can sing When You Wish Upon a Star to me anytime, Uncle Phil you are so great (think I could adopt you?) and Ralph, not only are you a talented singer but you're so funny! Thanks to the talented drummer, keyboardist and guitarist too...Great show!


                                                                                         March 28th, 2015

                                                                                    Review by Lou Patavino

The Mystics did another sold out show last night . If you get the chance to see these guys Ralph, George, Phil and Rocky, don't miss the opportunity .It will be surely a night you will remember The Mystics are in the Doo Wop Hall of fame and well deserved. These 4 very talented men will be everything you want to hear at a Doo Wop concert. If you ever get the chance to see them perform it will be a night to remember for a long time And they will bring back many memories. Ralph,, George, Phil and Rocky Thank you for keeping your great music alive And thanks to Joni for keeping you guys in check .God bless you all and keep you safe in your travels


                                                                                             March 26th, 2015

                                                                                          Review by Linda Bauman

We were at The Old Bridge show in North Fort Myers last Thursday (March 26th, 2015) .The Mystics had a great performance. Got the audience going right away. Our friends commented , "such gentlemen." Everyone was enjoying !!  The Mystics bring back the best of doo wop!! From their recording of Don't Take The Stars, to Zing, Went the Strings of My Heart, to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Love the a capella That's the Way it Goes. Their voices blend so well. And of course Hush a Bye their signature song really brings us back to 1959. Love the interaction with the audience the twist contest and dancing in the aisles. The Mystics band was great!  Thanks Phil, George, Rocky and Ralph for keeping the music alive!

See you again soon!
Linda Bauman


                                                                                                     March 26th, 2015

                                                                                                Review by Tom Castagna

The Mystics rocked the house last eve at Old Bridge Village in North Fort Myers, Florida. They sang their music and many doo wop hits from the 50s and 60s.The band didn't miss a beat; they were fabulous.    Couples dancing in the aisles, a twisting contest, and "sing alongs" were just delightful, especially "Why Must I Be A Teenager in love".       The Mystics held their audience at the edge of their seats all evening as Hush A Bye was harmonized. A night not soon to be forgotten by all.                         

Come back again, we miss you already!!

Tom Castagna


                                                                                                March 15th, 2015
                                                                                              Review by Jeni Greco
                                                                                           San Clemente, California

I attended The Best Of Doo-Wop Vol. II on March 14th 2015 at The Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos, California.  Joining The Mystics were Jay Siegel's Tokens, Eugene Pitt of The Jive 5, Cleveland Still & The Dubs, Lenny Dell's Demensions and The Royals.                    

I was super excited to see The Mystics and The Tokens, so I asked the usher if he knew the order in which the groups would be singing so that I wouldn't take a break and miss anything. So I was seated and ready when the well-dressed Mystics took stage! They started to sing a very lively song, that I didn't happen to know, called "Goodbye Mr. Blues" but due to their talent, energy, and overall likeability factor, they won me over during the song, despite never having heard it before -- and their energy  was contagious! Ralph Rati was lead - he was great!

"Don't Take The Stars" has become one of my very favorites since I started to listen to more DooWop. Up until about three years ago, I really only knew "Hushabye". Phil Cracolici was outstanding on lead!  And the voices of George, Rocky and Ralph blended so perfectly -- it was fabulous!  It was so much fun to see The Mystics performing live! Loved this performance!

 I was just enjoying the moment, so I wasn't really paying attention to the order of songs. I believe the lovely  Acappella song was next, "That's The Way It Goes".  Well it was just beautiful and George Galfo was the lead on this song -- wow, truly amazing!  The Mystics harmonize so well and are so versatile!  I had learned plenty of The Mystics songs and was expecting "Zing"  (Phil on lead and Rocky getting the crowd moving) and/or "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (I love the Mystics rendition of this classic song with George on lead!) but The Demensions sang these songs on this particular evening.  

Regardless, the crowd loved this flawless rendition and was getting more and more "into" the Mystics!                                                             
Next, was an absolutely beautiful song called "I Believe" with Ralph Rati on lead vocals.  I had heard this song before when watching YouTube videos of The Mystics.  I love this song -- the lyrics are fantastic and uplifting. After the concert where they were autographing cds/photos, I told Ralph that it was beautiful but I was nervous and  called it "Somewhere" accidentally. I just learned that it was originally done by Larry Chance (The Earls) and listened to it, but I don't remember this song from back in the day. It's an excellent song and Ralph does a superb job as do they all!  I like it better than the original - Ralph's voice is awesome!                            
The final song was "Hushabye" and it was just stellar with Phil Cracolici on lead. It sounded exactly like I remember it from radio!. I mostly grew up on 60s British Invasion songs, but I know alot of 50s tunes as well.  I've heard "Hushabye" countless times, primarily on radio and I also saw The Mystics perform it on a TJ Lubinsky oldies PBS special.  This song brings back alot of memories for me and takes me back to more simple and happy times of my childhood.  This 1959 hit was the perfect song to close the set with -- a huge crowd pleaser and everyone knew the words!  I was singing to it as were many!  "Hushabye" is my personal favorite, for the sentimental reasons I've mentioned. Raised in southern CA, I'm also familiar with The Beach Boys version of "Hushabye".  I love my Beach Boys but I don't think it compares to the original. Their rendition moves a bit too slowly for me but I guess it's a great tribute to The Mystics.  Nobody can sing "Hushabye" like The Mystics!  I've heard George Galfo on lead as well on  YouTube concert videos of this hit song -- as always, perfection!  

The induction ceremony for the DooWop Hall of Fame was really fun to watch as well and so very well deserved for a group who still sounds the same today as back in the late 50s!  This was a sold out show proving that DooWop is still very popular, even out west!           
California really loved The Mystics and I hope we'll see them again soon, as well as Joni, their Manager. All of their voices -- George, Phil, Ralph and Rocky are a perfect blend. I could easily listen to a concert of songs sung only by The Mystics as they are all accomplished singers. They are a "must see" -  truly exceptional artists, each with his own unique style.  The Cerritos Center for The Performing Arts is elegant and modern and was the perfect venue for the event. I'm so glad I was able to attend such a memorable event and thankful that such a fine group from Brooklyn graced our California stage with their immense talent!                          


                                                                                                 March 15th, 2015
                                                                          Review  By Vernell Jennings   -  Southern California                                     

I was very proud and honored to attend the show at the Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts on March 14th 2015 to see history  made as " The Mystics " and other great Doo Wop groups were inducted into " The Doo Wop Hall Of Fame / Doo Wop Volume 2 Series . As I sat in the balcony in full view of the stage in a packed house that was completely sold out ...one could feel the excitement and anticipation of what we were about to witness in person . The Cerritos Theatre had a European feel to it similar to the great opera houses with the all wood interior including the stage . The acoustics and the sound was incredible from my point of view as a musician . I have never heard voices carry in a room the way they did in that theatre for sure . The sound man did a wonderful job of mixing the volume and the sound perfectly on all of the musicians and the singers ...we could hear everything .

I was also happy to see a group of youngsters actually singing The Doo Wop backup for " Eugene Pitt " and they did a fantastic job ! Wish more of the younger generations would consider carrying on this great tradition of real singing .

When " The Mystics " walked out on stage they got an over whelming response from the audience...the people behind us were screaming...they were screaming ! I like the fact that " The Doo Wop " groups talk to the audience and not at them . They make everyone feel like they belong to them exclusively as part of the group . When you have the masters on stage ...you can see , hear and feel the reality of greatness and it's still the same as it was back in the day . On this night " The Mystics " brought the roof down as did the other groups and they had everyone dancing in their seats . The whole balcony where I was sitting was shaking ...I kid you not .

When " The Mystics " did the song " I Believe " ...there was not a dry eye in the place ! The entire evening was an emotional roller coaster of memories where the audience did everything from
holding hands , singing along , clapping , tears and laughter as we listened to the great stories about the origin of the songs and the members of the groups , some that passed on and the ones that are still here .This was a great evening for all that attended . I think all of us left there reluctantly as we didn't want any of it to end ...it was that enjoyable !

The entertainers of today are missing the whole point and just don't have the heart and soul of real music . People are basically paying to see a light show distraction or to hear machines doing the harmonies . Back in the day ...singers had to sing , be pro , have morals , dance , dress clean and know how to do interviews . They never needed a bunch of distractions on stage because they did all of the work . They had to be great and that's what " Doo Wop " was all about . People like to hear real singers with great harmonies and to see the groups that respect them enough to dress up for them on stage .

Those beautiful red and white suits that " The Mystics " wore out on stage especially for us that night ...that's the way it's supposed to be because it makes us feel like we are really important to them .

I am close to 70 years old and this is one of the best shows that I've ever seen and would urge everyone to make an effort to take in one of their shows if you get a chance . There is a cruise coming up and I am certainly going to be on it to enjoy more of their shows .

Remember this was our music , Doo Wop was our sound , our first sock hop , our first date , our first going steady and our first kiss . All of our cars had to have a loud radio , Doo Wop sent us to the record shops to listen to our music and buy the records . We bought record players to listen to our 45's , it sent us to the news stands to buy the magazines to read about our music and our Doo Wop groups that we cherished . It caused us to tune in to The Wolfman to hear him do the interviews . We bought transistor radios and watched American Band Stand and it was great because we got to see them for the first time on television . I learned how to " Cha Cha " to Hushabye ...so " The Mystics " was the actual group responsible for teaching me how to dance back I the days of great music . This is when all of the girls wore poodle skirts , bobby socks , saddle shoes , beautiful petticoats with full skirts and the guys wore penny loafers . we were all ready to dance anywhere anytime to our " Doo Wop " ! I love my " Hushabye " and The Mystics for giving me a life of joy in the 50's and early 60's and years of great memories every time I hear one of their songs . Congratulations on your well deserved award.


                                                                                                  February 14TH, 2015
                                                                                        Review by   Ron & Jacquilyn Stein

It was my first time seeing The Mystics perform live when they opened the Valentines Night concert this past Saturday February 14th at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce, Florida - I had looked forward to seeing The Mystics for a long time, and their performance was everything I expected and more! The group delighted the crowd and set a happy mood when they opened the show by coming down the aisle singing from the back of the auditorium, all decked out in bright Valentines red suits! George, Phil, Ralph, and Rocky have been at it for a long time and their total professionalism shined through from the start to the finish of their all too short five song set! The Mystics' vocals are still as tight as they were in 1959, and their perfectly choreographed moves on stage add the right amount of energy to their performance and make you think of an Alan Freed show at the Brooklyn Fox. The group opened their set with a fine new tune off their latest CD called 'Please Say That You Love Me' which is easily as good as any of their early material, rocked the crowd with their uptempo favorite 'Goodbye Mr. Blues', and evoked the memory of Judy Garland with their lovely interpretation of the classic 'Over The Rainbow'. And I was enthralled with Phil's flawless lead vocals on 'Hushabye', the same song he sang lead on in 1959 when the song reached the Top 20 in America. The Mystics were the opening act of five acts on the Valentines Night show, so they were only allowed to perform a five song set, but that set was the perfect way to open the show and get the audience grooving and reminiscing, and it left me wanting much more - My wife and I hope to be able to see The Mystics' full two hour show sometime very soon, they are too good to miss! show and get the audience grooving and reminiscing, and it left me wanting much - My wife and I hope to be able to see The Mystics' full two hour show sometime very soon, they are too good to miss!



                                                                                               February 14th, 2015
                                                                                             Review by Barry Guiot

                                                                            The Mystics Once Again; ROCK THE HOUSE!

The Mystics were the lead, opening act for the Roses are Red concert at the Sunrise Theater, Ft Pierce Florida on   Saturday February 14, 2015!

As they were announced, the band began to play, voices could be heard; but where are they?  Then we realized they were coming form the back of the sold out house!  This surprised the audience who responded with thunderous applause!

George, Phil, Ralph and Rocky shook hands, sang on key and woke the house up, as they strolled to the stage.  It was an commanding way to start a 5 act night.

Another remarkable performance by The Mystics!


                                                                                              November 11th, 2014
                                                                                             Review  by Barry Guiot

I had another opportunity to attend The Mystics performance at the grand opening to Lucky's Jukebox Memories in Kissimmee Florida on Tuesday November 11, 2014.

Once again, The Mystics performance blew me away!

This time the audience was treated to a 60 minute set.  Unlike a 4 set show with multiple acts, this Mystics show featured each singer as a lead singer.  Unlike a lot of doo wop acts, The Mystics are able to put each singer out in front as lead.  The voices are compelling, their stage presence is controlling.  These guys are truly professional entertainers with strong, warm voices and an impeccable stage presence.

But more importantly the commanding voices as lead is the blending of voices.  They pay homage to the way the music was meant to be enjoyed.  To The Mystics, its all about the blend, its all about the tonal quality, not competing with each other to be louder.

Special mention tonight goes to Rocky Marsicano.  His powerful and commanding  falsetto voice can give a certain Jersey Boy a run for his money. Rocky was also very interact with the audience throughout the night.

I had two highlights of the evening, both emphasizing the tonal quality and blending of The Mystics, George Galfo, Phil Cracolici, Rocky Marsicano, and Ralph Rati..

The first was The Mystics rendition of "That's the Way It Goes".  Originally recorded in 1956 by The Harptones, The Mystic sang this A cappella!  I know I reference this a thousand times, but the tonal quality of these 4 voices blending together, feeding on each other's energy creating sounds of true perfection is the essence of the origination of doo wop; a few friends singing on the street corner...

My second treat was once again "Over the Rainbow".  This has become my favorite Mystics song. As mentioned in an earlier review, every aspect of this song is perfection; especially Rocky, Ralph and Phil singing around a single microphone feasting off of each other tone creating a perfect blend of voices support George Galfo's lead.

The second time was better than the first.  I look forward to number three!


                                                                                              October 24th, 2014
                                                                                            Review by Barry Guiot

I attended The Original Mystics performance on Friday October 24 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota Florida.  I have been to many oldies concerts, I have seen many groups perform,  but I have never seen the Mystics perform live.

I consider myself a self proclaimed connoisseur of tonal quality  I think we can all agree that listening to the voices, the blending of the harmonies is what sets Doo Wop apart from any other genre of music.

To say that I was impressed with The Mystics performance is an understatement!  As a matter of fact, the only drawback from their set was the promoter only allowing them 15 minutes, hence they only performed 4 songs.

I posted on my Facebook page that The Mystics' rendition of "Over the Rainbow"hit the ball so far out of the park, that 24 hours later that ball is still sailing!

First of all, George Galfo proves himself as a lead singer; taking nothing away from his abilities as a second tenor.  Georges voice is strong, confident and spot on key.  His deliverance showed conviction and passion.  He connect to this song was if he wrote it himself!

The remainder of the group Phil Cracolici, Ralph Roberts and Rocky Marsicano stood around a single microphone and sang true Doo Wop, feeding off of each other's energy, complimenting each other's harmonies controlling their own destiny and creating a background that brought me back to that Brooklyn street corner, so many years ago.  Gentlemen, this was the best rendition I have ever heard!  The voices, the blending and the tonal quality without electronic processing was impressive and a sole reason anyone would attend a future performance.  Spine tingling comes to mind!

I can't wait to see these guys perform again!


                                                                                August 23rd, 2014 Todd Baptista's  Doo Wop # 10
                                                                                                 Review by Arthur T. Aldrich
Born in Brooklyn and living there during my early years when Doo Wop was born, I was in awe of the great groups and songwriters who came from Brooklyn  and various sections thereof.  At thirteen years old when The Mystics released “Hushabye”.  It was a song that I could never hear enough of, wore out my 45 RPM and fifty-five years later nothing has changed.  About two years ago I became friends with George Galfo of The Mystics and on two occasions have had the  pleasure of spending time and getting to know George and Joni.  Saturday, August 23rd – Todd Baptista’ Doo Wop # 10 at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA I had the opportunity to see and hear The Mystics perform and perform may not do them justice.  When I see a group, I don't want to hear stylized and alternate versions of great songs, I want to close my eyes and go back to the greatest times in music and this is exactly what The Mystics gave the audience.  The lead vocals and harmonies combined with their choreography brought added excitement to their many great hits and a few special standards from this legendary group.  The Mystics show was one hit after  another without dead air to fill time.  After a brief history of the group and intro to each song they got right down to the music  Everyone at this show was entertained to the highest level and looking forward to seeing them again.


                                                                                                   August 23rd, 2014                                 

                                                                                               Review by Todd Baptista

Dear friends-

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the Mystics on a pair of occasions, in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  The most recent event, which took place in August of 2014 at the historic 1,200 seat Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts paired George, Phil, Ralph, and Rocky with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Shirley Alston Reeves from the Shirelles and R&B pioneers the Swallows and the Solitaires.

As this was the 12th event we have held at this venue since 2006, we have a strong relationship with our audience and encourage feedback, particularly in terms of who our attendees would like to see and hear.  Over 150 ballots were cast by concertgoers to help us determine the lineup for this concert.  The group that received the most votes was the Mystics, and it was our pleasure to welcome them back to Massachusetts.

As a performing entity, the group is well-rehearsed; polished and professional.  As individuals, they are warm, friendly and approachable.  On this occasion, a medical emergency in the venue resulted in a brief delay in the program before the group’s performance, and the Mystics were put in unenviable the position of not only closing the show, but bringing the audience back to the level of excitement that existed before the stoppage.

Sharply dressed in matching royal blue and white suits, the quartet came out rocking with “Goodbye Mr. Blues”, instantly transporting the crowd back to the first generation of rock’n’roll.  The Mystics authentically resurrected their original classics “Don’t Take The Stars”, “Over The Rainbow”,  and “Darling I Know Now” alongside strong covers of Tonight (Could Be The Night)”, “I Believe” and a stellar acappella rendition of the Harptones’ “That’s The Way It Goes”.

Mindful of the collectors in attendance, they willingly delivered a special request- the splendid but rarely performed 1960 ballad “All Through The Night”.  The Mystics climaxed their 30 minute set with the 1959 classic, “Hushabye”, drawing a standing ovation from the crowd, which ranged in age from pre-teens to octogenarians. The tenth song of the set- a high-energy rendition of “Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart” served as an ideal finale.  With the audience on their feet from start to finish, it brought the near three-hour event to a rocking conclusion.  Within minutes, the Mystics joined their fellow performers in the front lobby for a free meet and greet exchange with fans that lasted the better part of an hour.  Coming directly from the stage, the Mystics nevertheless honored every request for an autograph, enjoyed every photo opportunity, and took the time to chat with their fans.  They remained until every last fan had left the building.  It was obvious to me- as the producer-promoter, the fans, and their fellow artists, that the Mystics truly enjoy what they are doing and genuinely appreciate the enthusiastic folks who continue to support them.

Growing up in the early 1970s as a second generation fan, the Mystics were voices I heard on the records my dad had cherished through the years.  The original five members were familiar faces looking back at me from a vintage black and white photo in a book that became a prized possession.  I respected and appreciated their contributions.  Having the opportunity to work with them at this point in my life is truly a blessing.  Above all, through the relationships we have established through these past few years, George, Phil, Ralph, Rocky, and Joni are more than just associates, partners, or artists I work with.  They are truly friends, eager to chat about the welfare of our families as well as an upcoming performing engagement.  In my 27 years of experience with live shows in various capacities including 16 as a producer and host, I can say without hesitation that the Mystics are among the easiest and most professional acts that it has been my pleasure to work with.  Without hesitation I would recommend them to prospective clients, producers, and promoters as among the finest exponents of classic vocal group harmony today.

Warm Regards,
Todd Baptista
TRB Enterprises
Westport, MA


                                                                                                  At the Foxwoods Casino on August 2, 2014                                                      

                                                                                                            "Oh What A Night of Doo Wop"
                                                                                                     Review by Diana & Michael Schmidt

This show was absolutely Fantastic, a complete Sell Out.  The Mystics performed songs like "Over The Rainbow: which their version was used in an episode of the Soprano's.  They did a song called " Goodbye Mr. Blues" and they also did "I Believe: which their version was so breathtaking.  My favorite classic of theirs  is "Hushabye".  They put on a great show as they always do.Thank you so much - George, Phil, Rocky and Ralph for the great memories.     We hope to see all of you again soon.

                                                                                                Foxwoods Casino

                                                      August 2nd, 2014 ...the “Oh What A Night” Doo Wop Show                                                                    

                                                                                  Review By Dale & Rosemary Abbott                                                                               
                                                                   Dale’s Dusty Disc WNRI  Radio – Woonsocket, RI                                                 

  THE MYSTICS, JIMMY CLANTON,  THE HARPTONES, THE JIVE FIVE, and THE TOKENS”                                                                    

                                                                                 OH WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS!

     Fantastic performance by everyone.  It has been a few years since I was able to catch a Mystic performance but it was well worth the wait to see and hear them.  This  just may be the best line up of the Mystics ( which includes 2 founding members of the group Phil Cracolici and George Galfo) since the original group released “Hushabye” in 1959.  Right from the start of their performance they got the crowd involved by clapping to the beat of “Goodbye Mr. Blues”    Singing their BIG hit “Hushabye” one of the greatest doo wop hits ever brought us back to 1959 and had the audience enthusiastically  singing along.     Phil, George, Rocky and Ralph took turns singing lead , showing just what capable singers they all are, the harmonies were just perfect.   They will soon be appearing in New Bedford, MA and I'll be there clapping, swaying and singing along with  the rest of the audience.                         


                                                                             At The Foxwoods Casino - August 2nd, 2014
                                                                                          Review by John Vigilante
                                                                                      "Oh What a Night of Doo Wop"
This show was a night to remember and the best show I saw this year.  A complete SELL OUT!.  The first act was The Mystics and I was impressed with their performance as they were the opening act.  They did songs like "Over The Rainbow", in their own classic style.  One of my favorites was a song they did called "Goodbye Mr. Blues"   They also did "I Believe", the Larry Chance and the Earls song and I felt like I was listening to his version of the the song.  Very impressive.  They also did their classic "Hushabye".  They really gave a great show.  Honestly anytime they are able to  come back up I will be there.  It took me back to my younger days listening to Don K Reed's "Doo Wop Shop" and hearing all their music all the time.  I am going to be 46 years old and always listened to what was on the radio and now I had the chance  to see them.  They just keep getting better with time. I also brought their new CD and I can't put it down. Great selections!  George, Phil, Ralph and Rocky thanks for a great show and thanks for ther memories I will never forget.

Hope to see you guys again!  

John Vigilante

                                                                                                               February 24th, 2014
                                                                                                            Review by David Bowers
                                                                                                   Host of "The David Bowers Awards"
                                                                                                             Online BlogTalkRadio                                                                  

Doo Wop lives! I had the pleasure to be there when it rocked Hollywood Beach Monday nite as the Mystics performed for two solid hours before an overflow crowd!

Going through a 'greatest hits' doo wop repertoire that included everything from street-corner a capella to full production numbers, they proved why The Mystics are still a top draw. From the signature Mystic-harmonies to original-Mystic George's smooth tenor to the other-original Phil's street-corner leads to Rocky's classic doo wop leads and Ralph showing his amazing voice on Jay Black's "Cara Mia" ... the classic harmonies .. and enthusiasm .. are still there and show why they still pack venues, get feet dancing and why no one's telling them to "Hushabye."                                                          

                                                                                                                January 4th, 2013
                                                                                                    Review by Kathleen Forsberg

So much to say about what a show put on by The Mystics here in Ocala, FL... such class full of energy that sure energized and made the crowd just want to sing and dance and go down memory lane. I always love the harmonies and hearing them live. Ii cannot tell you how great it made me feel..I even cried when it was over. They give their all to us fans and love when Ralph sang Cara Mia.. wow! I am so thankful to all in the group and Joni for a night of fun memories and music that is pure gold !
Jan. 4th, 2013
Kathleen Forsberg

                                                                                          Concert in Ormond Beach by Goldtones Production

                                                                                           Review  written by Marty B of Sunday Matinee 2013

My wife and I drove to Ormond Beach tonight for a concert by The Mystics. Despite a shortened rehearsal time with a new band they gave a stellar performance. Singing many of their own hits and releases from Laurie records as well as the hits of other groups including a Little Anthony and the Imperials tribute medley (which was incredible) ... my wife who is new to this genre of music was actually moved to tears during an acapella rendition which brought a rousing standing ovation at its conclusion. Seeing George and the Brooklyn Boys 'twist' while singing Jackie Wilson's Twistin' the Night Away was worth the trip.

Their version of Over the Rainbow is without a doubt my favorite take on a great song and tonight was no exception. The night ended with their signature hit Hushabye.

Despite a couple of technical glitches -which they covered with polished professionalism- The Mystics concert was fun, energetic (yes - even though they made Ben Gay jokes about themselves), and man O man can they still blend and harmonize. Maybe they feel it more the next day when striving to hit a high note or do a dance move but on stage they are professional, entertaining, and totally passionate about the music they love.

Tonight's show gave me and idea or two of what can be done to keep this music alive AND draw in a newer, younger audience.

I watched George's wife, Joni, move around the auditorium taking video and totally immerse herself in their performance. After the show they took the time to meet, greet, and chat with any fan who wanted a moment or few of their time. They are a class act and can still deliver the goods. If they come within driving distance of you ... you won't be disappointed!​​​​​​​​​​​

WE  would  LOVE to Hear from You!

Highlights from The MYSTICS & Mystics band 90 min show