Dedicated to the Memory of Peter Anders.

Albee Cracolici, George Galfo, Pete Anders, Vini Poncia & Allie Contrera

George Galfo, recently found studio recordings from 1961 when The Mystics ( George Galfo, Albee Cracolici & Al Contrera) & The Videls (Vini Poncia & Pete Anders) teamed up together to perform. There were 5 recordings but only used 2 in this video. Doesn't get any better than this for Memories of Original Artists going to into the recording studio. Their LEGACIES Continue!!. This video takes them back to Priceless Memories and a Special Tribute to the Memory of Peter Anders. Sit back and take a Stroll back to 1961 & ENJOY! and Keep Supporting all The ORIGINAL Artists that are still Performing Today!!!
Joni, The Mystics manager

Studio Recordings of The Mystics & The Videls