Cindy Zwicker
The reunion of the original Mystics. March came in with a roar of applause last night for the reunion of he original Mystics at the beautiful historic Strand Theater in Lakewood NJ! What a thrill to see and hear this iconic group. Music isn’t just what you hear, it’s also a feeling and a memory that touches your soul . Well last nite I was transported back to 1959 listening to Hush a bye on my radio .Their voices and harmony are still breathtaking even all these years later . Old school class and elegance on and off the stage . It was a privilege to meet them after the show and tell them I’ve been a fan from the beginning . As with all DooWop shows, there were other iconic , beyond awesome acts sharing the stage , but I wish they performed more songs , I could have listened to them all night ! Safe travels gentlemen , looking forward to the next time we meet again .   



        Dear Cindy.....After reading your wonderful post about our group, I just had to write you and say how much your words mean to me and the guys..We truly look forward to more opportunities because of people like you.. Sincerely, Bobby - The Mystics

          Hi Cindy,  Thanks so much for your kind words. It was a privilege to meet you too. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again sometime soon. Al Contrera

         Thank you Cindy for the post.  I'm glad you loved the show.. too bad we couldn't do more of our recordings for you to enjoy. M Maybe someday we will do it again. Thank you always,  Phil Cracolici

         Cindy you are a true music lover and fan, we are so happy to know you were there to see a Brooklyn DooWop historical Mystic reunion show..Thank you for your wonderful comment, it does mean a lot to us knowing we can still bring you the memories of the past of the Mystical harmony you remember. We love and still have fun singing Hushabye and other songs we recorded and wish we could have done more but there were a lot of great acts on the show and time was short for all. Glad we got a chance to meet you and hope we can meet again.
Sincerely, George Galfo


Vini Poncia

Me and the Men In Black The Original Mystics in Jersey last nite All five original Hushabye,  Don’t Take The Stars White,  Cliffs of Dover group members and still rockin the house at Joe Mirrione’s great show last nite at the Strand in Lakewood NJ Once again the Mystics thrilled their fans on this emotionally packed moment in the group’s history I m glad I was their to celebrate with the Boys and Joanie Thank You Joe Mirrione!!  Vini Poncia

         Hey Vini- we were honored you were there to help us celebrate. An amazing night for all of us..Al Contrera


         Hi guy. wanted to tell you how really terrific it was to see you after so, so many years. Ya' look great !! ;-)
Stay well & God Bless.
Bobby Ferrante 

         Hi Vini, Yes it was great being with all the Mystic brothers on stage once again,  a blast and a historical moment for all. And great seeing you again. You brought back a lot of good memories of the past when we were with you and Pete, things I hope never to forget. Happy to know your doing well. Thanks for the nice review, it means a lot coming from you. Hope we can get together again, your always welcome to come stay with us for a nice rest in the country and get away from the hectic schedule you keep. Keep well my friend and stay in touch.. Sincerely, George and Joni

Paul Pakusch
With threatening weather, I knew my flights would be affected do I cancelled them and drove all the way from Rochester NY just to see them perform. I sat in the front row and was able to get a video of their entire performance. Unfortunately the monitor in front of me was so loud the audio on my video is distorted. But the performance itself was awesome. I was very happy to be there. I only had a few minutes with them on the lobby after the show, as their flight was cancelled too and they were anxious to get started on their drive to the cruise Sunday morning. This is the third time I traveled a long distance to see the Mystics. Two years ago and last year to Florida, then this year to Brooklyn.

           Dear Paul, lt was a pleasure to meet a very loyal fan like you, that was a great sacrafice you made just to see the 5 original Mystics perform. And we are dearly touched of your loyalty.  Sorry we couldn't spend more time with you as you know we had the same problem you had with airline flight cancellations and had to make a quick decision to drive all the way from Long Island to Florida to make the next show on our schedule, (as they say in show business, the show must go on). I'm really glad you had a good seat right up front and enjoyed the performance. Keep well and safe my friend and hope we can meet again in the near future. Check our schedule on our website to see where we will be.
Sincerely , George Galfo 


              Hi Paul,  thanks for coming out in spite of the weather. We're thrilled that you enjoyed the show. Stay tuned for news about the new book!    Al Contrera

              Hey Paul..What can I say after reading your post except WOW !! You and others are the reason we original members keep on going. Sincerely, Bobby - The Mystics

Joe Caiafa
I’m 30 and have loved you guys since I was 15. You guys are one of my all time favorite groups. Long story short, i’m from Chicago, and started getting into the Doo-Wop scene when I was about 15 and have been collecting the music ever since. I’m 30 now. It’s on my bucket list to see The Mystics perform. I wish you guys all the best, and I will always keep The Mystics, and all of Doo-Wop music, alive! Hope to see you guys perform soon. Your Fan in Chicago, Joe Caiafa


                 Hi Joe, we are so happy to hear that people of your age group are fans of ours and of DooWop music. If and when you can catch one of our live shows, please come up to see us at the intermission or after the show, we love so much to talk and meet you, we are approachable and friendly, That's what we do and love every minute of it. Because of fans like you makes it all worth while to enjoy what we do and keeping the music alive. Glad to hear we are on your bucket list to see us and hope it happens in the near future. Take care and keep well our young friend. Best always, George Galfo 

                Hi Joe, so nice to hear from you. We were around 15 when we started. A book about our early days is coming out soon. Hope we can meet soon. .Stay tuned...Al Contrera

             Joe, read your post and just wanted to say thanks for your comments and that perhaps we will have an opportunity to perform with all of us originals in Chicago..Sincerely, Bobby Ferrante - The Mystics

Walter Dearing
Great show 3/2/2018 @ Westbury
Had to see the reunion in spite of the Noreaster. Drove from Orange County NY, but so worth the trip. My wife, myself and my 25 year old daughter thought the show was great. Wished you could have performed more of your great songs (there are so many). We had great second row seats and by coincidence my daughter knew your niece through a mutual friend from school. We sure hope the original 5 can perform in the NY area again soon. . .and do a longer set :)

                 Hi Walter, I'm very happy that you were able to see the show and expressed that it was truly worth seeing for the trip you and family had to make and I also agree about the length of time we had to perform was very short. You definitely had good seats and glad you had your daughter with you, we do need younger people to attend the shows, this way the promoters will keep them coming. It's definitely a small world and nice that your daughter knew my niece through friends.We also hope that the 5 originals could perform again soon, stay tuned, you never know what the future brings. Keep check here on our website for up coming shows. Thanks for being a long and loyal fan of the Mystics. Hushabye to you always., George Galfo


                Hi Walter, thanks for braving the weather. So happy you enjoyed the show. Don't know who's niece your daughter knew but what a coincidence! Were hoping to do this again too!!  Al Contrera

               Dear Walter..Just a note to say how happy I am that you, your wife and daughter enjoyed the original Mystics reunion show in Westbury.. Best Regards, Bobby - The Mystics

Chris W Haecker
Just a note to say even though I have never seen you live here in Wisconsin, i do have some of your cd's and have always thoroughly enjoyed your music. Love the harmonies. So thank you for the music. The years have been kind.

                Hi Chris, Thanks and Stay tuned for announcements about the new Book!! Al Contrera

               Hey Chris, if they have DooWop shows in Wisconsin maybe one day we will be there and thanks for letting us know you love our music and yes the years have been kind to all of us, must be the music. LOL. George Galfo

              Chris, just Jwanted to reply to your post and your nice comments. Like you said, it's all about the harmony..Hopefully, we may get the chance to perform in Wisconsin. Sincerely, Bobby - The Mystics

Great group. I have always been a big fan of you guys from back in the day...I play your music always... Thank you for all the music...Hope to see you guys in the near future in my area...

                 Thanks Angela - We hope so too! Thanks and Stay tuned for announcements about the new Book!! Al Contrera

                  Hi Angela it's nice to know that you still enjoy our music, we still enjoy singing it just as much as back in the old days, keep an eye on our website page for the upcoming dates, you never know we just might be coming to your area. George Galfo

Joe Callahan
I've been listening, dancing and enjoying since 1958.I always Loved The Mystics.

                 Thanks Joe--we'll try to keep it going.. Al Contrera

               Well thank you Joe, never stop dancing , glad your still a loyal fan on the Mystics. George Galfo

                 Joe, many thanks for your really nice comments about us old guys...Sincerely, Bobby - The Mystics


Larry Driver
The Great Mystics. It was great seeing all five Original Mystics March 1st In Lakewood.

                 Thanks Larry-great seeing you too! Al Contrera

                Thanks Larry, glad you were able to see the show, next time come by to say hello. George Galfo

:                 Larry , your kind words are one of the reasons we keep going, so glad you enjoyed the show in Lakewood                              NJ...Thanks & Best Wishes.Bobby - The Mystics

Phil Cracolici ,  Bobby Ferrantre,   George Galfo,  Albee Cracolici  &  Al Contrera

                       The 5 ORIGINAL MYSTICS on Stage Together!

                                                 March 2018

Picture taken by Sonny Maxon (c)

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