The Mystics & The Mystics band Hit Another Home Run! SOLD OUT show & LOVED by the Audience! on Dec 14th 2019! 

Feb. 8th, 2020---The Mystics take the Stage @ Kyman Enterprises & Preemo Productions

"Bring Back The Memories" concert--Sunrise Theater, Ft. Pierce, FL...Keeping The Mystics

Legacy Alive..ORIGINAL members George Galfo & Phil Cracolici joined by their talented

Brothers in Music--Rocky Marsicano (formerly of Lenny Cocco's Chimes & Manhattan Skyline)

& Ralph Varrone (formerly of NY Premiere show band Risky Business)

  The Mystics -- Maumee , Ohio

                "I Believe"

  Ralph Varrone on Lead Vocals

Thank You to ALL Our Veterans! The Mystics & The Mystics band ending  their show for The Catholic Charities & the Knights of Columbus Councils @ Venice Performing Arts Center, Venice, FL-..Nov.  2019

March 11th, 2020--SOLD OUT show- Pompano Beach, FL The Mystics and friend Vini Poncia closing out the evening with SHOUT!

Cara Mia - Rocky Marsicano on Lead - 4/7/19 @ Doo Wop Weekend

Getting "Lost in the 50's" with The Mystics & The Mystics Band

                    2019--Ralph Varrone on lead vocals.

Disclaimer:  We have no control of the sound or lighting at any  of the venues

          ROCKIN' with The MYSTICS & The Mystics band!!! 

June 16th, 2019 - The Italian Paisans Club--  The Villages, FL

. March 16th at Sunrise Lakes Phase IV, Sunrise, FL- March 16th, 2019

New Jersey had the Four Seasons--The MYSTICS Belong to BROOKLYN!

The Audience at Tmber Pines was so Good to US..

            They made US want to SHOUT!

   Timber Pines, Spring Hill FL -- June 29th, 2019

Highlights from Maumee, OH appearance 2019

Let's Hang On--Rocky Marsicnao on Lead--Sumter, SC- Feb 15th, 2020

                                        George Galfo on Lead

The MYSTICS cut of Somewhere Over The Rainbow was featured in the Soprano's HBO series. Mayhem" is the 68th episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos .. A rendition by The MYSTICS of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is being played while Carmela is wetting Tony's lips. Their rendition is in the sound track credits as well.


       Kings Ridge Audience Rockin with The MYSTICS & The Mystics band
                                 SOLD OUT show -- March 23rd, 2019

Some Clips from The MYSTICS 90 min shows & Multi Act Concert Appearances!.

Hushabye was featured in the movies "Stand By Me" & Mister Rock and Roll -The Alan Freed Story"

Pittsburgh, PA. The Audience singing along taking HUSHABYE

and The MYSTICS  to another Standing Ovation! The Mystics

Legacy Continues! 

                                 May 25th, 2018

The Mystics & The Mystics Band @ The Show Palace

                       Ralph Varrone on Lead - I Believe

Feb. 15th, 2020--The Audience at The Sumter Opera House,, Sumter, SC still wanted more after The Mystics 90 min show... The Mystics & The Sumter Mystics Band gave them 1 more! Pictures courtesy of  Wm Reed Lovick. Video courtesy of  Joni, The Mystics manager


                                      April 7th, 2019 

                         Happy 60th Anniversary "HUSHABYE"

Unchained Melody - Ralph Varrone on Lead - 4/7/19 @ Doo Wop Weekend

         Jan 5th, 2020 - Rhythm of the Night Dance Party

    The Mystics Hit Another Home Run! SOLD OUT Show

             Audience Made Us Want to Shout!

           The MYSTICS performing to a SOLD OUT Audience

​      Dec. 15th, 2018 @ The Lexington Club, DelRay Beach, FL


61 years later & "HUSHABYE" & The MYSTICS other charted HITS are STILL going STRONG! The MYSTICS LEGACY CONTINUES!! 

                                   Feb 8th, 2020

Where or When - Feb 2020 - Sumter, SC.

                    The Mystics

                 Maumee, Ohio

     Rocky Marsicano on Lead -"Cara Mia"


                    Rocky, George, Phil & Ralph

   (The MYSTICS Today - Keeping The Legacy Going!)

                  Wishing A  Happy Diamond Anniversary


                      HUSHABYE & The MYSTICS

Pompano Beach Audience -     Jan. 30th, 2019


Cara Mia - The MYSTICS - Rocky Marsicano on Lead- 1/25/19

                   The Mystics 

                   Maumee, Ohio

                 "Take Me As I Am"

         Phil Cracolici on Lead Vocals

Highlights - 2019 Doo Wop Weekend

Audience wanted to SHOUT!  - SOLD OUT show --Four Lakes - Feb 1st, 2020



                                         The Mystics 

                                           Maumee, Ohio

                            "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

                               George Galfo on Lead Vocals

                                             The Mystics 

                               Maumee, Ohio--   "Chapel of Dreams"

                                   Rocky Marsicano on Lead Vocal


The Mystics Concert Highlights


Some Highlights from  The MYSTICS 90 min show 1/25/19

Jan 25th, 2019--Celebrity Direct Entertainment presented The MYSTICS & The Mystics Band

.Maumee, Ohio LOVES The MYSTICS!

Lexington Club, DelRay Beach, FL