Remember The Mystics is a group and not an individual, You were a very important part of  that group because without all the ingredients there was no recipe!   Love You My Brother!

     George Galfo you know it is the truth! You helped start it all George and Never Forget that! You were there when it all started and Never Forgotten My Brother!

Keep the Rock Alive

                                              Bill Pascali.

Original Founding Member of The MYSTICS


                             Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame Inductee


                   George is Heard on ALL of The MYSTICS

                          16 Recordings on the Laurie Label

                                  The Mystics Trademark

              George Galfo is an Owner of The MYSTICS Mark

                The Mystics Trademark US Serial # 74253795  
            The Mystics Trademark US Registration # 1732769 


GEORGE GALFO  started his career in the entertainment industry in 1958 as a member of the Overons, the group that evolved into The MYSTICS. As The MYSTICS original second tenor, George is heard on all of the group’s Laurie Records releases as well as several unreleased demos that are highly regarded by collectors. George appeared with the group on several TV shows in the 50’s & 60’s including the Clay Cole Show, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Alan Freed's Big Beat Show and Jim Gallant's Bandstand in Connecticut. Stage highlights of the day included the Alan Freed Stage Show at the Brooklyn Fox, the Cavalcade Of Stars tour run by the legendary General Artists Corporation and Palisades Park appearances hosted by “Cousin Brucie” Morrow. Aside from their own hit records, George & the group provided vocal back-up for several other artists, including Connie Francis on her 1959 release "Tommy". George led his own MYSTICS group since 2002, emerging as a fine lead singer in his own right. and in 2011 he Honored to go back out as The MYSTICS once again .  George vowed to take The MYSTICS legacy on through the 21st century. George has been inducted into The Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, Los Angeles, CA -  March 14th, 2015

George can be heard on ALL 16 recordings while The MYSTICS  were under contract to Laurie Label....The MYSTICS had numerous Lead Singers....

     Paul Simon a/k/a Jerry Landers, Ralph Lizano, Eddie Shots & Jay Traynor who helped The MYSTICS fulfill their contract with Laurie Label..

      George had semi retired when The MYSTICS  recorded the Crazy for You CD which is the ONLY Time he wasn’t on their recordings…

      He came back to appear with them for Special concerts and


Today GEORGE is  Proud & Honored to have been able to Keep The MYSTICS Legacy Alive for 22 plus yrs and will continue to do so for many more years


The MYSTICS Recordings GEORGE is heard on:

White Cliffs Of Dover
All Through The Night
A Sunday Kind Of Love
It's Only A Paper Moon
So Tenderly
Star Crossed Lovers
Don't Take The Stars
Darling I Know Now
(I Begin) To Think Again Of You
Over The Rainbow
Let Me Steal Your Heart Away
Blue Star
Adam & Eve
Goodbye Mr. Blues

GEORGE is also heard on The MYSTICS  Demos

The Bells Are Ringing Overons 1958 with music
The Bells Are Ringing Overons 1958 acapella version
Prayer To An Angel Overons 1958 with music
Prayer To An Angel Overons 1958 acappella version
Why Do You Pretend Overons 1958 with music
Why Do You Pretend Overons 1958 acappella version
Big Brown Eyes Overons 1958 with music
Big Brown Eyes Overons 1958 acapella version

GEORGE is also Heard on  The MYSTICS Unreleased Recordings

Wim O Weh Mystics 1959
Red Red Robbin Mystics 1959
In My Faithful Heart Mystics 1959
A Letter From Ann..The Videl
(Above LP has one cut (“Save A Dream”) by the Mystics) Magic Carpet 1005
A Full House Laurie Records
(Above LP has three previously unreleased Mystics cuts)
Crystal Ball 106








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Eric L. Adams,  President of the​ Borough of Brooklyn, NY has bestowed Proclamations upon George Galfo   for his longevity in the entertainment industry as being Original founding member of The Mystics as well as Recognition of their Hit song ”Hushabye” which became Brooklyn’s theme Lullabye and their outstanding dedication in the field of music.  Thank you  to Joe & Carol Biondo Bradice & Allie for making this all happen!